Today’s business, legislative and regulatory tax environment is becoming increasingly complicated, with the requisition for transparency on the rise. In addition, the accuracy of Tax accounts and impartation in financial statements remains one of the top areas of material weakness and risk.

While facing these challenges with bound resources, companies are increasingly turning to our Tax and Accounting Services Ontario (Surinder Suri CPA, CGA Firm Etobicoke) for assistance with tax accounting procedures and calculations.

We can help you to perform at today’s standards by assisting in these key areas:

• Accounting

Today’s financial reporting environment is receiving greater scrutiny than ever before. Supervision is under pressure from investors, regulators and other entrepreneur to demonstrate how they are implementing new Accounting standards. What processes and controls are being put in place to drive down costs? Aligned with this, businesses are often hard pressed to manage the accounting complexity and change that comes from the adoption of complex new regulatory actions and accounting standards.

• Book-Keeping

By keeping your accounting and financial transactions accurate and up-to-date, Bookkeeping allows you to focus on growing your bottom line by having timely data and giving you more time to spend in the front office. As part of our book-keeping service, we process your financial statements to produce your reports on timely basis so you can measure your results and understand exactly where you stand in managing your business.

• Personal Tax Returns

All the Canadaian residens or citizens living abroad are required to file their personal tax returns every year. We help individual tax payers to file thier tax returns in timely manner and claim all the allowed credits available to them, to their dependents and spouse. We offer full range of Tax services in Toronto.

• Corporate Taxes

In Canada, corporations taxed differently than other forms of business. Corporation is a legal entity in itself; the corporation is taxed separately from the individual.

• Reduce Corporate Income Tax – Canadian Corporations have two ways to reduce the amount of Canadian income tax they have to pay – do prescribed things that earn them tax credits or take advantage of income tax deductions. For more details you can also contact Surinder Suri CPA, CGA Etobicoke or drop email at